Term 1 2023

Jan 02 to mar 05 (term break from Jan 21 to jan 27)

Ring in the new year ready to work on your personal health and fitness, one lesson at a time!

Book into a pole tricks class to solidify and build on your techniques to level-up, join a flexibility class to improve your personal range, and indulge yourself in dance for the sheer love of music and emotion bound together in fluid motion!

Jan 02 to Mar 05


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Guidelines & Etiquette

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Term 1 Song List


V-Day Special Workshop: Pole Doubles for Intermediate to Advanced Levels (Sat Feb 04 3:30 PM)

V-Day Special Workshop: Pole Doubles for Beginners (Sat Feb 11 3:30 PM)

Term 1 Courses


ExoBabe Weeks 1-4

ExoBabe Weeks 5-8

Intermediate Pole Dance Choreography

Dance Filthy Weeks 1-2

Dance Filthy Weeks 3-4

Dance Filthy Weeks 5-6

Dance Filthy Weeks 7-8

Pirouette & Silhouette Weeks 1-4

Pirouette & Silhouette Weeks 5-8

Femme Fatales Weeks 1-3

Femme Fatales Weeks 4-5

Femme Fatales Weeks 6-8

Lyrical Flow Weeks 1-4

Lyrical Flow Weeks 5-8

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