Term 3 2023

may 01 to june 25



 We’ll be cruising through the middle of 2023 during this term! Before time sneaks by any quicker – what would you like to accomplish by end of June this year? Do you have what it takes to graduate into the next level of pole tricks? Or are you perhaps looking for a break from “muggle life” and just want to let your hair down, pull on your highest heels and dance some stress away? Whichever the case may be, please feel free as always to drop us a line with any questions on activities coming up that might suit your background and inject a dose of movement and fun into your week!

May 01 to June 25


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T3 Workshop Song List

T3 Course Song List

Dance Filthy Weeks 1-2

Dance Filthy Weeks 3-4

Dance Filthy Weeks 5-6

Dance Filthy Weeks 7-8

Lyrical Flow Weeks 1-4

Lyrical Flow Weeks 5-8

Pole Dance Choreography at Intermediate Level Weeks 1-4

Pole Dance Choreography at Intermediate level Weeks 5-8

Femme Fatales Weeks 1-3

Femme Fatales Weeks 4-5

Femme Fatales Weeks 6-8

Pirouette & Silhouette 2.0 Weeks 1-4

Pirouette & Silhouette 2.0 Weeks 5-8

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