Term 5

Aug 29 to Oct 23

For Term 5, we are showcasing two super hot and slinky routines by the very talented Ilia Med in addition to our variety of pole tricks and exotic floorwork courses. Sign-up for ExoFlow x Ilia if you think you can handle this exotic floorwork challenge!

We are also offering promotions for both new joiners and current students, including a “$260 for 2 Courses” special. Click here for more details, and don’t hesitate to drop us a line with any questions!



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Sensual Heels Weeks 1-4

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ExoBabe Weeks 1-4

ExoBabe Weeks 5-8

ExoFlow x Ilia Weeks 1-4

ExoFlow x Ilia Weeks 5-8

Lyrical Pole Beginners

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Femme Fatales Weeks 4-5

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