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Trixx Classes

Pole 1 Tricks


Take your first step in your pole fitness journey in a safe space, with this introductory class to Pole Tricks with an experienced instructor who will demonstrate all moves and make adjustments for your safety.

No prior experience required, no judgement on strength or ability.

After all, we pole to get fit, not get fit to pole!

Recommended attire:

  • Your favorite sports top (T-shirt, tank top, sports bra or polewear top)
  • Running shorts, tights that end above the knee or polewear bottoms
  • Shoes not required

Pre-requisites: None

Pole 2 Tricks

Having gained greater strength to hold your bodyweight, now let’s experience more thrilling moments on the pole by learning how to hang upside down!

Tricks include layback, ankle grab / inverted crucifix.

You will also be guided into proper elbow stands from the pole, to help you continue with your pole fitness journey,

Recommended attire: Polewear

Pre-requisites: Completed Pole 1

Pole 3 Tricks

Enjoying the thrill of hanging upside down in layback and ankle grab tricks?

Level up further by taking this class to learn how to hang from the pole using a single leg, invert properly, beautify your straddle inverts, associated transitions as well as to upgrade your elbow stand to handstand.

Recommended attire: Polewear

Pre-requisites: Completed Pole 2

Pole 4 Tricks

For students who have already experienced the basics of single leg hangs and transitions, and who have also upgraded their elbow stand to a handstand. Take this class to move on to all the fanciful variations enabled through leg hangs, and broaden your pole moves vocabulary by adding knee grip tricks to your repertoire!

Recommended attire: Polewear

Pre-requisites: Completed Pole 3

Pole 5 Tricks

Take this class to move on from knee hangs and variations, to more fanciful tricks requiring more strength and arm grips, as well as aerial inverts and shoulder mounts. Suitable for those who have learnt to invert comfortably and have learned moves such as basic ankle grab, layback, single knee/leg hangs.

Recommended attire: Polewear

Pre-requisites: Completed Pole 4

Beginner Pole Trick Combinations

Explore variations of foundational pole tricks that you already know in this class, and learn how to put them together in short combinations, perfect for recording your pole-gress on social media!

Expect to try out short freestyle sessions throughout the term, perfect for indulging your natural creativity in weaving various tricks and transitions together, set to a musical background for timing and tempo

Pre-requisites: Newbies welcome – come with an open mind!

Recommended attire: Polewear

Beginner Pole Choreography

Combine the tricks you are learning into a choreographed pole dance routine! This course focuses on showmanship too, so turn your dance mode on! We will be learning two routines in the term, for you to practice putting tricks together into a performance! Great companion to Beginner Pole 1 Tricks.

Recommended attire: Polewear

Pre-requisites: None. Beginner friendly, heels optional but encouraged.

Intermediate Pole Choreography

This class will enable you to use Intermediate level pole tricks as part of a full-term pole dance choreography routine

Recommended attire: Polewear

Pre-requisites: Able to invert confidently (outside leg hang and inside leg hang)

Advanced Pole Choreography

This class will enable you to use Advanced level pole tricks as part of a challenging full-term pole dance choreography routine

Recommended attire: Polewear and heels

Pre-requisites: Able to do aerial inverts on both sides, able to shoulder mount using different grips. Able to do ayesha on both elbow and twisty grip

Bendy & Splitty Pole Tricks

This class focuses more on splitty and bendy moves. Make the most of this series of classes to target a wider range of motion through active flexibility, to help perfect your lines in tricks you’ve always wished to cross off your wish list! This 60-minute class will involve stretchy moves both on the ground (30 minutes) and on the pole (30 minutes).

Recommended attire: Polewear


  • Able to invert confidently
  • Able to do outside leg and inside leg hang

Femme Fatales [2 choreos]

Welcoming our first guest Choreographer: Sexy Dolli Pole

Dance to two exotic pole dance routines designed by Dolli (taught by one of our instructors) over 8 weeks full of feminine flair on the pole and the floor. Expect to mix it up with two different speeds for this class – the first choreo is paced to allow you to show each twist and move off, while the second will serve up a fast routine; a challenge for personal styling and muscle memory. Both short choreos make a great takeaway for personal practice.

Recommended attire: Heels and kneepads

Pre-requisites: Completed Pole 1. Some prior exotic dance experience helpful.

Lyrical Pole Flow Choreography

Dance and move to Stuck with You by Justin Bieber & Ariana Grande over 8 weeks, including a Showcase during Week 8!

This choreography infuses pole tricks such as basic knee/leg hangs and layback with elbow stand dismount, and is also suitable for those revisiting basic inverts and foundational pole moves.

Recommended attire: Polewear

Pre-requisites: Preferably able to invert from the floor. Variations will be provided for both lower and higher levels of pole students.

Cardio Pole Routine [3 choreos]

Cardio has never been so fun and sexy! We’ll turn up the heat and heart rates with pumping fast routines that change every few weeks.

Recommended attire: Heels and kneepads (optional)

Pre-requisites: Completed Pole 1 (basic spins and turns)

Minxx Classes

ExoBabe [3 Choreos]

Exotic Pole Dance – Foundational

Dip a (pointed!) toe into the sultry waters of Exotic Pole Dance. You’ll learn foundational techniques for body moves, turns and twists that will stand you in good stead for a wide range of other choreography and tricks classes, wrapped up in three songs over the term to set your pulse racing and heels gliding.

Pre-requisites: None

Recommended attire: Kneepads, leggings, heels (optional)

ExoFlow [3 Choreos]

Exotic Pole Dance – Open Level

Indulge yourself in a variety of racy dance moves and maneuvers that make the most of both pole holds and floorwork, the better to show off beautiful body lines and gestures, set to a music selection that will draw out the Exotic dancer in you and provide you with both a cardio and conditioning full-body workout to three different songs over the term.

Pre-requisites: Some familiarity with exotic pole dance moves may be helpful

Recommended attire: Kneepads, leggings, heels

Crimson Heels

Sensual Heels Pole Dance Class – Open Level

Students will enjoy dancing to a full-term choreography to learn how to glide and flow around the pole. Great for those on the hunt for seamless transitions, slinky-but-technical flow and lots of leg whirls ‘n twirls.

Pre-requisites: Passed Pole 1 (able to straddle invert and Jamilla)

Recommended attire: Heels recommended, ideally with heel straps and not boots

ExoChair [2 Choreos]

Exotic Chair Dance & Striptease Moves – Open Level

Explore a variety of slinky and sensuous chair dance and body-skimming striptease moves to two songs over the 8-week term. You’ll learn how to balance on the chair and show off your best assets smoothly and gracefully.

A great class to bring to life your sensual dance fantasies with, and for newbies – you’ll never see a foldable chair in the same way again!

Wear a comfortable dress or mini skirt and extra bottom to strip. Heels recommended.

No pre-requisites for this class, beginners welcome 🙂

Flexx Classes

Stretch Sensations

Flexibility & Conditioning

Sink into this class to push towards a wider range of motion for beautiful lines, safely supported with strength and active flexibility.

Typical “problem areas” for review may include keeping legs straight, and reaching for the pole with tight shoulders. This class will involve moves only on the ground.

For your convenience, yoga mats, yoga blocks and resistance bands will be made available for use as required for each class. 

Recommended attire: Recommended to wear leggings and socks to keep yourself warm!

Pre-requisites: None

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