Private Classes

Accelerate Your Progress

Private classes are a great way to work on nemesis tricks (inverts, handstands, exotic floorwork tricks), or to learn a choreographed routine in a timeslot that fits your personal schedule and style of learning! Book here in DSP

Private Class Rates

Booking Your Private Class

How To Book

Log into DSP ➢ Click on Private Classes ➢ Select and pay for the desired number of hours of private class

Once your purchase is made, please contact us to book your dates and timeslots

Guidelines & Policies

Studio guidelines and policies continue to apply. The Studio reserves the right to vet all private class arrangements beforehand, and to accept or decline bookings accordingly

Please contact us with any questions on private class arrangements

Private Class Benefits


Maximum Flexibility

Make use of Private Classes to learn a specific set of tricks, or a choreographed routine at a pace and timeslot that works for you

Pole With Friends

Enjoy an exclusive, closed group setting with the studio space reserved for you and your friends to use together. Contact us to get started!

Tailored For You

Private Classes offer the most flexibility in terms of what you want to learn, when you want to learn it, and how fast you can learn it