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Whether you’re starting out on your pole journey, looking to conquer that nemesis trick or wanting to let down your hair and dance your heart out to a hot new routine, rest assured in the safe hands of our instructors, experienced in a variety of pole dance, pole tricks and a multitude of other dance expressions

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Don’t be afraid to try a class with us! Our instructors have years of experience teaching, and they remember what it was like getting started. We’ll do our best to get you comfortable with the environment in no time. Contact us with any questions on getting started!



Pole Tricks & Exotic Pole Dance

A competitive cheerleader in Switzerland for three years and a pole-fitness enthusiast since 2015, Amanda continues to expand her repertoire with dance forms like Exotic, Girls Style and Hip-Hop. She loves teaching and sharing her knowledge of pole fitness with others, and does so by creating a safe, nurturing environment for everyone to explore different movements!



Pole Tricks

A self-confessed sports science nerd who loves analyzing movement, Alicia is a total junkie for the excitement of physical fitness – if there’s fun to be had, she wants a piece of it! She has been involved in sports all her life, ranging from horseback riding and gun shooting, as well as the domain of martial arts. Alicia started her pole journey in 2019 and quickly found that her ability to understand the technical underpinnings of human physiology was of help in levelling up her pole capabilities.



Exotic Pole Dance

An educator at heart, Azi has always been passionate about dance in all its forms and aims to bring out the same love of movement to music in her students. Quick advancements after starting pole in 2021 gave her the curiosity to explore and push her personal boundaries in techniques for dancing in heels, including hardstyle and Russian exotic. She looks forward to being able to inspire and create a safe space for her students to feel sexy, comfortable and confident, while building strength and improving on their flexibility and inner creativity.



Dance Artiste

A true actress through the expression and movement of dance, Christina is a graduate with a Diploma in Dance from Lasalle College of the Arts. Her vibrant energy shows through each of her classes as she showcases multiple styles of dance, including Girl’s Style and a mix of other vivid floor dance movements and techniques fused into pole choreography routines and exotic dance showcases. Christina’s goal is to share the world of movement set to music with a new generation of dancers who seek to go beyond pure strength-based pole trick techniques alone, and into the realm of musicality and expression-filled gestures.



Pole Tricks, Dance & Conditioning

Farrah is a clinical exercise physiologist, and works extensively in the rehabilitation scene. She understands the importance of conditioning our bodies for the intensive demands of pole, and seeks to share this knowledge for dance longevity! After discovering pole in 2018, Farrah hasn’t looked back since. She has also taught in Brisbane, and is particularly drawn to the cathartic nature of dance and athleticism of tricks. Catch her flying around the pole, stringing together combos that will greatly work your endurance and musicality!  



Pole Tricks & Lyrical

Leron began her passion for dance when she was in university. An active participant in dance activities at her school, her love for this artform led her to further explore the world of aerial arts. Her pole journey began at all three of the original aerial arts studios in Singapore in 2011. Her passion for teaching was soon noticed and she was groomed at Acro Polates to eventually become an aerial arts instructor. Leron has since explored the domains of aerial silks, aerial hoop, aerial cube, trapeze and pole, and has taught silks, hoop and pole since 2012. She has had many opportunities to perform commercially and has been teaching since then.

Mei Yen

Mei Yen

Pole Tricks; Flexibility & Conditioning

Mei Yen discovered pole dance in 2016, falling in love with it due to its addictive level of challenge, and has pushed herself to create graceful and dynamic shapes in pole tricks. She enjoys sharing both her knowledge of pole dancing moves, coupled with safe and effective ways for her students to get more flexible. Mei Yen’s key focus is on training on areas of active flexibility, strength and alignment. Her aim is for her students to progress in a safe and supportive environment, the better with which to push their limits. She constantly strives to better herself and continue her learning journey, including trying a wide variety of styles and shapes on the pole.



Pole Tricks, Exotic Pole Dance & Chair

Michelle’s pole fitness journey started in 2019 with the empowering worlds of pole dance and striptease. She found that pole fitness offered her a perfect blend of strength training, yoga and dance, all in a sassy, graceful, and confidence boosting package. Pole dance helped her to unlock achievements such as the ability to both do pull-ups, as well as pulling off sensual moves in 8-inch heels! Michelle enjoys chair dance and the art of striptease, which allows her to perform gravity-defying tricks on a slender folding chair, and getting in touch with her sensual side. She looks forward to sharing her love of pole dance with others, to help them feel more confident in their own bodies and to realize the amazing things they are capable of.



Pole Tricks & Flexibility

After a decade of powerlifting, Sarah discovered pole dancing in 2021, and it was love at first spin. She was drawn to the artistry and athleticism of pole, the cute outfits and the perpetual feeling of the wind in her hair. She quickly progressed through the levels and her passion and dedication paid off when she was offered a teaching position less than a year later.

With over 200 hours of teaching experience prior to joining Studio Starfire, Sarah believes in tailoring her classes so that everyone, regardless of their fitness level or experience, can achieve their goals. Her extensive background in pilates, contortion, and calisthenics makes her an ideal teacher for adult beginners looking to achieve their strength and flexibility goals quickly and effectively. If you’re looking to have fun and to explore your femininity in a safe space, join Sarah’s classes, and let her inspire you to reach your fullest potential in the captivating world of pole dance.

Yun Teng

Yun Teng

Pole Tricks, Dance & Shapes

Having begun her dance journey with contemporary and street dance in her teenage years, Yun Teng started pole and aerial in 2016, training in London’s inter-university pole scene. She had a taste of performing and competing nationally as an associate member of Imperial Pole & Aerial Society, and loved the supportive and diverse pole community.

Yun Teng’s versatility in pole comes through in her equal love for beautiful tricks and creative combos as it is in sexy heels and expressive dance. Her passion in teaching comes from helping her students gain mastery and confidence in themselves.

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