Physical & Mental Wellness

Benefits of Learning How To Pole Dance

An array of mental and physical benefits awaits, in addition to potentially improving one’s range of mobility, flexibility and balance

Why Pole? Some Health & Wellness Benefits

Get Started With Our Friendly Instructors

First of all, don’t be afraid to try out a class with us! Our instructors have years of experience teaching, and they remember what it was like getting started. We will do our best to get you comfortable with the environment in no time. Contact us with any questions on getting started!

Get In A Cardio Workout

When you dance with us, the level of cardio activity involved can help in lowering cardiovascular risk, and consequently may also help stall the development of many inflammatory diseases, such as type II diabetes mellitus, heart disease, amongst others

Achieve A Full-Body Workout

Pole fitness is able to involve participants in a full-body workout, given that these exercises activate arm, core and leg muscles

In addition to pure physical strength, integrity of action is also required. This requirement makes this sport more demanding than many others and can be a great counterpoint to sitting down at work or school most days

Confidence & Stress Management

Pole fitness and dance activity can be helpful in both enhancing one’s self-perception, as well as to help guard against anxiety

By stabilizing the heart rate and blood pressure as well as stimulating the production of endorphins, the activities our studio offers can help you become more resistant to chronic stress

Easy To Get To Our Studio, Easy To Get Started!


Central CBD Location at Tanjong Pagar

Short walking distance to public transportation and parking

Height Matters!

Our studio has super tall poles, enough for that double (or triple!) climb and aerial invert


Chairs available to support your slinkiest choreography runs and balancing tricks!


Book courses, workshops and pole practice slots quickly and directly online in DSP

Music Service

Spotify service is available for finding perfect tunes to pole and dance your heart out to

Yoga Equipment

Yoga mats and blocks are provided; feel free to bring your personal equipment if preferred

Safe Environment

Cleaning and disinfecting agents easily within reach for a safe and hygienic setting

Instagram Previews

Our Instagram feed is an easy reference for course previews, pace and styling

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Special rates available for Beginners, Students and multi-course bookings

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How can help you get started with a Starfire course? Contact us with any questions!


Visit The Studio

Click here to locate our studio on Google Maps, we’re on Level 7 of Robinson Square

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Hello! How can we help you today?