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Benefiting our community through quality partnerships for social, mental and physical health and well-being

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Benefits For Our Community

Special offers and discounted rates for our students for products and events from selected partners, both pole-related and from other complementary providers

Social, Mental & Physical Health

Starfire is a proud supporter of tertiary student and LGBTQIA+ groups, as well as local businesses offering products and experiences for the benefit and well-being of our community

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Get to know what offers, products and services are available to you on a year-round basis. We’re also happy to take suggestions for future partnerships!

Starfire Communities

NUS Aerial Sports (NAS) is a foundational platform meant to introduce the world of pole fitness and aerial sports to the community at the National University of Singapore. NAS is the first and only formal sports club in Singapore focusing on pole and aerial sports at the tertiary education level.

Click here to learn about their organization and their upcoming events and collaborations!

SGRainbow is a non-profit social organisation for GBQ men aged 18-35 years old in Asia. Studio Starfire is a proud sponsor of SGRainbow at Pink Fest annually (a festival celebrating Global Pride Month in Singapore since 2018). 

Click here for more information about SGRainbow and to learn how you can get engaged in making Singapore an even more inclusive and welcoming society to all!

Retail Therapy

Rebelle Activewear delivers functional, affordable apparel, ethically made with love, passion and in small batches to ensure highest quality and attention to detail. Look good while working out – and feel confident, secure, and beautiful!

Check out their website to view their array of soft, stretchy activewear, sizing charts and peeks of the latest collection drops

Satisfy your inner pole fashion goddess and get any other help you may need on your pole journey! With a full collection of in-stock items of polewear, shoes and accessories, plus services available for installing or troubleshooting your in-home pole, these friendly ladies will have your poling requirements all met in no time!

Check out their website for a dose of retail therapy today

Invest in a pair of heel protectors to reduce the wear and tear on your beautiful exotic platform heels and boots! Use these for classes and pole practice, an easy way to “save” the premium look of your shoes for that upcoming performance or photoshoot!

Pick up a pair today from the studio’s retail counter, or message Sugar Bae Polewear directly for other available styles and sizes. Quote code “STAR10” to receive 10% off your next order of these beautiful and functional heel protectors!


Photography & Make-up

Tell Your Story

Whether it’s an upcoming bridal event, a milestone birthday, or another special celebration here in Singapore or far abroad in an exotic locale — you can trust John 15 Photography to capture your key moments for a lifetime of beautiful memories.

Take a look at John’s portfolio of work here on Instagram for a flavor of the far-flung and simply epic events that his lens has helped to immortalize.

Contact John with any questions on capturing the moments that matter.

Picture Perfect Beauty

Get ready for your next photoshoot with Jaclyn! Versed in the tricks of the trade, her sharp eye for color and deft touch for the perfect hairdo and look will help you look your best on-screen.

Whether you’re looking for that upscale, classic image that will stand the test of time, or have a colorful and creative vision you’re seeking to push your limits with, Jaclyn’s confident interpretation will help you look your best with each brushstroke.

You’ve already decided on the moment and milestone, now contact Jaclyn to turn your ideal look into reality!

Period Care

In a society where menstruation is often veiled in secrecy and stigma, Blood is pioneering a shift, revolutionizing the period experience.

Blood is dedicated to a mission of delivering innovative, high-performance, and body-safe solutions for menstrual health and wellness. Offering a diverse range of products tailored to tackle challenges and dispel misconceptions associated with periods, Blood strives to foster an open and positive dialogue surrounding menstruation.

Click here for info on their latest products and offers!

Self-Defence and Muscle Recovery

Empowering ordinary people with realistic self-defense

Kapap Singapore offers courses on Modern Street Combatives: This combines knowledge of Bodyguarding and Personal Protection concepts and principles with scientific understanding of the human body based on biomechanics and laws of physics. And it draws from psychology to help mentally prepare students for real world violence and predatory behaviour.

Check out their website for an easy way to get started with lowering your real-world risk today; these self-defense classes are available in a neighboring unit in Robinson Square!


Muscle Recovery Specialists

Muscle Lab is a specialized sports massage therapy center offering various benefits like muscle recovery, injury prevention, and tension reduction. They provide a range of services including stretch therapy, cupping therapy, and muscle rehabilitation, catering to athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The experienced team, with certifications in areas like Stretch Therapy and Clinical Sports Massage, ensures clients receive holistic well-being care, instilling trust in the capabilities of Muscle Lab.

Click here to book an appointment with the Muscle Lab team, and enjoy 15% off your first session with code “STARFIRE15“!


Financial Services

Betterment of Self through Betterment of Others

Providing professional financial advice and delivering first-class service experiences to our esteemed clients and working partners. Find out more about our group and latest events here!

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We offer a chance to get to know our community of polers a little better via introductory offers online, as well as in-person via booths at our studio events, held centrally in Singapore’s CBD area


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