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Getting started with pole can be as simple as signing-up for a trial lesson! If you’ve already started climbing the pole tricks ladder, see below for a listing of tricks by level so you can find a match with us!

Special offers are available to help you get started with your pole journey. Feel free to reach out with any questions on getting started!


Intro to Pole Tricks Trial

 A perfect way to get started if you have not had any pole tricks lessons before!



Check Out Our Trials Schedule

See which trial works for your schedule on this page! Look for “Intro to Pole Tricks” to learn basic pole moves, or perhaps try out a Exotic Chair or Flexibility lesson! Contact us if you’re not sure which trial is right for you 🙂


Book Online

Create an account and book your trial lesson directly in our online booking system (“DSP”)


Find Out What To Wear/Bring

Check out our handy Guidelines page for info on what to wear (sports top and shorts ending above the knee) and what to bring (water bottle and small towel; leave jewelry at home; don’t apply any moisturizer before your lesson)

Pole 1 or Pole 2 Tricks

Had a few pole tricks lessons before? See below for key tricks at Pole 1 Tricks and Pole 2 Tricks levels


Pole 1 Tricks

Walks and turns around the pole, Fireman, Geisha, Chair spins, Knee hook spins, Climbs and pole sits


Pole 2 Tricks

Cradle spin to Jamilla, Hello Boys, Layback, Ankle grab


See our current Promotions for our current offers, including a Beginner’s Special for Pole 1 Tricks and Pole 2 Tricks!

Pole 3 Tricks & Above

See below for a quick guide to tricks at each level so you can find a match with us!


Pole 3 Tricks to Pole 5 Tricks

Pole 3: Invert straddle, Outside/inside leg hangs, Foldover/Hip hold and variations, Tammy, Basic Butterfly from inverted crucifix

Pole 4: Outside leg hang variations, Superman, Jade, Allegra

Pole 5: Aerial Invert, Shoulder Mount, Brass Monkey moves and transitions, Elbow and Armpit grip moves and transitions


Advanced Pole Tricks 1 and 2

Advanced Pole Tricks 1: Extended Butterfly, Static V (various grips and entries), Straight Edge, Flag Press-up. Poisson, Lux, Russian Fish, Machine Gun

Advanced Pole Tricks 2: Handspring (various grips), Aerial Shouldermount, Janeiro, Marion Amber, Sneaky V, Pegasus, Reverse Ayesha, Satellite, Elbow Grip Ayesha


Still not sure?

Contact us if you’re not sure which pole tricks level is right for you 🙂

Easy To Get To Our Studio, Easy To Get Started!


Get Started With Our Friendly Instructors

Don’t be afraid to try out a class with us! Our instructors have years of experience teaching, and they remember what it was like getting started. We’ll do our best to get you comfy with the environment in no time.

Contact us with any questions on getting started!

Central CBD Location at Tanjong Pagar

Short walking distance to public transportation and parking

Height Matters!

Our studio has super tall poles, enough for that double (or triple!) climb and aerial invert


Chairs available to support your slinkiest choreography runs and balancing tricks!


Book courses, workshops and pole practice slots quickly and directly online in DSP

Music Service

Spotify service is available for finding perfect tunes to pole and dance your heart out to

Yoga Equipment

Yoga mats and blocks are provided; feel free to bring your personal equipment if preferred

Safe Environment

Cleaning and disinfecting agents easily within reach for a safe and hygienic setting

Instagram Previews

Our Instagram feed is an easy reference for course previews, pace and styling

See Latest Promotions

Special rates available for Beginners, Students and multi-course bookings

Get In Touch

How can help you get started with a Starfire course? Contact us with any questions!


Visit The Studio

Click here to locate our studio on Google Maps, we’re on Level 7 of Robinson Square

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Hello! How can we help you today?