Pole Dancing Classes

Term 4 2024: Jul 01 to Aug 25

Charge up the second half of the year by strengthening your level of pole tricks and dance skills with us this July and August! Mini Terms and single drop-ins are available as we work on strengthening our physical and mental capabilities together, one lesson at a time! 

July 01 to August 25



  • ExoChair: Learn two beginner-friendly routines over the term featuring chair balancing tricks and sassy striptease movements. This class is slower-paced, with emphasis on graceful lines. Heels preferred but optional, socks or bare feet work just as well. Bring a robe or button-up shirt to remove!
  • Lyrical Flow: Learn starter-friendly routines set to inspirational music, highlighting smooth floorwork moves and basic spins with the pole. Shoes not required. Flowy skirts/pants welcome!
  • Pole 1 Tricks: Take your first step in your pole fitness journey in a safe space, with this introductory course to Pole Tricks with an experienced instructor who will demonstrate all moves and make adjustments for your safety. This class has no pre-requisites, all are welcome! Dress comfortably with your favorite sports top and bottoms that end above your knees.
  • Sexy Sirens: Intro to Exo Technique: Beginner-friendly exotic floorwork techniques class covering moves such as body waves, pirouettes, leg waves and fan kicks. No multi-week choreo to worry about, we will string the moves taught during each lesson into a sultry little combo that you can post on IG and wow all your friends with. Pole heels optional (wear thick socks and kneepads instead) — come in your favorite sexiest outfit and most importantly, be ready to have FUN!

Intermediate Level

  •  Baby Bendy & Splitty Moves: For polers looking to dip their toes into the world of splitty and bendy tricks. No prior flexibility is needed, join us as we work on techniques to give you beautiful splitty lines on and off the pole! Suitable for those comfortable with outside leg hang, pole climbs, sits and upright knee hooks. Variations available.
  • ExoFlow: Static exotic floorwork dance course featuring a guest choreography by Robin De Meyere at Open (intermediate) level. You can book the full 8-week course, or sign-up for the first half as a mini term. Prior exo experience required.
  • Floaty Fairy Spins: Sprinkle some love, trust and pixie dust into your fairy spin! Every week we will learn techniques to create that effortless ‘float’ in your spin climbs as we incorporate gorgeous shapes, hair flicks, and tricks to turn those boring upright combos into a beautiful IG-worthy video! Confident spin climbs required.
  • Intermediate Tricks & Combos: Pole tricks and conditioning course putting Pole Tricks 2-4 moves into combinations on static and spin pole modes. Explore a different combination every 1-2 weeks! Pole 3 repeater, able to do outside/inside leg hangs.
  • Pole Choreo Intermediate: Dance to a magically moving song over the term, showcasing a variety of pole tricks and combinations to the music. Must be able to do outside and inside leg hangs. Variations available!
  • Stripper Heels: Learn two strip-tastic choreos over the term as we learn the art of teasing in heels. Turn up for this open-level class in your highest heels and a sexy little outfit topped off with your naughtiest attitude! Prior exo/heels experience required.

Advanced Level

  • Advanced Tricks & Combos: Upper level pole tricks and conditioning class for students who have passed Pole Tricks Level 5. Expect to learn challenging pole tricks and chain them into short combos each week in a supportive environment, the better to improve our stamina and expand our repertoire of aerial pole tricks.
  • Bendy & Splitty Moves: Upper level pole tricks course focusing on achieving a wider range of motion through active flexibility. Expect a series of advanced pole tricks and transitions to be taught each week! This class involves moves both on the ground and on the pole. Must be able to aerial invert and brass monkey. Pole 5 and above.
  • Intermediate to Advanced Tricks & Combos: Pole tricks combinations and conditioning course putting Pole Tricks 3-5 moves into combinations on both static and spinny pole modes. Explore a different combination every 1-2 weeks! Pole 4 repeater, able to do outside and inside leg hangs.

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Song List

Mini Terms are available for each song

ExoChair Weeks 1-4​

ExoChair Weeks 5-8

ExoFlow Weeks 1-8 // Guest Choreography

Femme Fatales Weeks 1-3

Femme Fatales Weeks 4-5

Femme Fatales Weeks 6-8

Lyrical Flow Weeks 1-4

Lyrical Flow Weeks 5-8

Pole Choreography Intermediate Weeks 1-8

Stripper Heels Weeks 1-4

Stripper Heels Weeks 5-8

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